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On this page you will find a number of discounted items
either discontinued, cancelled orders or overstocked) ... Hurry, while Summer Stocks Last!

Cancelled order 23/9/16

3 x 12'  3 1/4 lb Harrison Torrix - built with 50/ 16 mm LW (Kigan) SIC rings. Fuji DPS 20 black reel seats/ with Abbr Shrinkwrap Butt Grips.

ONLY  £550

Pair of 'Original MK 1 Armalite' 11ft 3 lb T/C

ONLY £350

Pair of 'Original MK II Armalite' 12ft 3 lb T/C  [discontinued]

ONLY £390

 1 x 'MK III Armalite' 12ft 2 3/4lb T/C

ONLY £175

 1 x 'Original MK I Armalite' 11ft 1 1/4lb T/C (Ideal General Spec Rod)

ONLY £175

Prices are for standard build

 BM 'Eurospec' L -  x 3   12' 3LB

 Built with Fuji rings and abbr Duplon / Fuji DPS handle

3 Only - £425 or  £150  each  (1/6/16)

Pair of Discontinued Quality BM Built SB2's  ( Only 1 Pair left!)

Built On Harrison Blanks; Shrink Wrapped Handles / Fuji DPS Reel Seat / Lightweight SIC Rings : 40 - 12mm, Distant Spacing

BM Built SB3 (pictured above)

12.6ft 3 3/4 lb T/C (Carp Rods)
Rung with 50 - 16 mm

One remaining -1/06/2016

Now 'ONLY' £99

13ft EGG  // Navigator Plus

 3 1/2lb T/C (Marker Rod)

Abbreviated handle with Duplon / Stainless Steel collars DNPS Fuji fittings.

One ONLY at £70!!

Order or Contact Bob (via the navigation menu) for more information