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BM `Eurospec` Range of carp and specialist rods

This small collection of rods has been designed by Bob to cover the basic needs of the angler who fishes for carp, pike, barbel, tench etc, both here and on the continent.

Although there are only 6 listed at present, there are other models that can be built to order - to cope with the varying situations that the specialist angler might encounter today.

Bob is currently working on another addition to the barbel range and also an `extreme-range` carp rod - which hopefully will complete the set of standard `Eurospecs` for the moment.

Standard Eurospec Build

The blanks for these rods all come from British manufacturers Century and Harrison - in whose products Bob has total confidence - built up over many years of business.
The Eurospec blanks are all finished in dark green, giving the rods a unique appearance and also ensuring that they blend into the surroundings.

Finished rods are fitted with Fuji (aluminium-oxide) grey rings - except where otherwise indicated, and are whipped in black then finished in a hard-wearing epoxy gloss.

Carp rod handles are abbreviated duplon/Fuji screw fittings on standard versions (pictured) although alternatives are available - full length duplon, cork or Jap shrink tube with SS collars if required.
Fuji SIC and S/light (lightweight silicone carbide) can be fitted to any rod, as an alternative - at extra cost, where applicable.

If you do not see what you want pictured here, please contact us for details of what is possible or advise on which type of build to go for.

Eurospec Carp

12ft `M` (pictured on right of image)
Multi-range model.
Useful for close-med distances.

Has an ultra-thin appearance and fairly soft action, but the 2 ½ LB TC will handle weights of up to 3 oz at max ranges of about 90yd.
Best casting weight 2 ¾ oz.
A great general carp rod. “I have even used this rod on the rivers, when barbel fishing in flood conditions”

'HTB' (pictured on left of above image)
12 1/2 ft Trotting/ Specialist float rod

Ideal for trotting tactics and close range float work for tench, carp, bream etc 

12ft `L`  

General med-long range version. Best for distances of between 40 - 130 yd with weights of up to 3 ¾ oz.
“This is probably the best all-round carp rod that I have ever used - gets the distance, but is extremely forgiving at close quarters - which helps to prevent hook-pulls” 
                                                                                                                £ 199.95

10ft `S Stalker.  This rod was designed for carp fishing under trees and other inaccessible areas - where it is often necessary to hang on to a fish safely, without snapping or pulling out. It is of a medium/soft action and will bend down to the handle when called on to do so.
It has a TC of just less than 2 LB and will cope with a variety of weights.
                                                                                                                £ 153.95

Eurospec Barbel/Specialist  

All of the specialist rods + the Stalker are fitted with short full length handles: “They don’t get in the way”

11 1/2ft `STB2` (soft tip barbel). The second version of this versatile barbel rod. Although only 1 ¼ LB test curve, this rod will handle big fish in extremely snaggy conditions, where needed, particularly when accompanied by a braided line of suitable strength.
“Originally intended as a barbel rod, I soon became so keen on the action of these superb tools that I ended up using them for all-sorts of other tasks. I can now claim to have landed carp to over 40 LB, pike to 25LB as well as barbel to mid double-figures on them”  

Pictured on left (standard duplon foregrip)
<----------------------                                                                                                            £ 199.95

Fuji SIC tip-ring (standard)

12ft `STB3` Same action as above with a bit of extra leverage. 1 ¼ LB test curve. “Although I personally prefer the slightly shorter model for most of my barbel fishing, it has to be said that when using it for stalking carp or tench with a float, this longer version has the edge”
                                                                                                                         £ 199.95

Duplon/DPS handle (standard)

Hook Keeper Ring (standard on STBs)

To order custom parts simply message bob by clicking here!