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The Harrison range of rods and blanks are well established and respected in the world of carp and specialist fishing. There are a great number to choose from and we are able to supply any item produced by Harrison - either custom built by us, or as ready made rods from Harrison’s workshop. We have dealt with the company for a good number of years and have complete confidence in both the products and their service.

We offer below a small selection of our favourite Harrison products. If you do not see what you want, visit the Harrison website for more details or contact us for further information.

                                                Harrison 'Torrix' range of carp rods.

Extremely popular over the last couple of years, these carp blanks have been used by anglers needing to cast maximum distances - the 3 LB and 3 1/4 LB versions, in particular, are now widely regarded as the 'top of the tree' for long-range carping.
“At present I would recommend this range of Carp rods (particularly the 3 ¼) to anyone wanting to increase their distance. Feedback from customers has been extremely positive in this respect.” Visit Harrison’s website to get more info from Steve Harrison, who designed this impressive rod.

Torrix Range of High-Performance Carp Rods

12ft       2 3/4    LB                                                 £224.65    
12ft       3          LB                                                 £224.65           
12ft       3 1/4    LB                                                 £224.65              
12ft       3 1/2    LB                                                 £229.95      

*New* This version comes with s.i.c rings as standard (50mm butt ring - 12mm tip) 

12ft 6'    3 1/2    LB                                                £264.95      


*New* Specimen / Barbel [Torrix]

11ft       1 3/4    LB                                                £215.00                                     ,       also available in 12ft version for                              £224.65

White tips optional, Fuji SIC tip ring and full-length Duplon handles as standard with Fuji DPS - S/S butt cap and collar.

for any other custom parts, fixtures and builds - contact bob by clicking here

Harrison Ballista Carp (original)

12ft, 2 1/4lb                                                        £163.95            
12ft, 2 1/2lb                                                        £163.95              
12ft, 2 3/4lb                                                        £163.95        
12ft, 3lb                                                              £163.95            

Ballista Slim

(ultra slim) Slightly more steely action and very thin in appearance.

12ft, 2 3/4lb                                                                      £199.09
12ft, 3lb                                                                            £199.09


(high performance long range carp rod)

Good casting action - this range has become a standard tool within the carp fishing fraternity. The 3 ½ LB version will throw 4oz for extreme distance.

12ft  2 1/2lb                                                                      £199.09
12ft  2  3/4lb                                                                     £199.09
12ft  3 lb                                                                           £199.09
12ft  3 1/2lb                                                                      £209.95

Harrison offer a wide range of blanks and although we can't list all of the rods that we can build on them, a few of our favourites are listed below.

12ft,1 1/2lb  A good multi-purpose barbel/specimen rod at an affordable price.
(through actionbarbel rod)   

12ft, Match/float: A reasonably powerful through action rod, suitable for heavy float-fishing for larger specimens.