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These really need no introduction as they have been on the scene for a good many years and are a firm favourite with a large number of Carp men - proving that they have stood the test of time.
The latest version - the `Mk III` is now becoming popular and is one of the best all-round carp rods on the market..
We are able to offer these and the Armalite SP`s in our standard build (listed below) or built to your own individual specifications - cork handles, Jap Shrink Wrap, SS Fittings, S.I.C Rings etc.

                                * New *     Armalite  Mk 3   * Now Available *

I have recently used the 12ft 2 3/4 LB version to good effect, during a trip to France. I was particularly pleased with the extra casting capability of this rod and the fact that it retains a very pleasing feel, when handling big carp at close range"
These are similar in appearance to the Mk 2's, (discontinued)  but are made from the latest carbon/graphite materials.  The action is slightly crisper as a result, but is still of a forgiving nature - allowing close range fishing to be undertaken with confidence and without fear of hooks pulling.

12ft  1 3/4 LB                                     All prices on application for 2017
12ft  2 1/4 LB                                     
12ft  2 3/4 LB                                          "                 "                "                    

                                                               MK I  

( Yes - the Original Through Action version )
Armalites are still available to special order.  `Only from us.`  

Prices for our Standard Build,  Abbreviated Handle/ Fuji DPS Screw Fitting, Duplon Domes & Butt Grip, 6 Fuji Grey (Alli Oxide) Rings

12ft       2 LB                                   All prices on application for 2017
12ft 2 1/4 LB                                   
12ft 2 1/2 LB                                   
12ft 2 3/4 LB                                      "                   "                     "
12ft       3 LB                                   
12ft 3 1/2 LB                                                               

Century NG (Built by Century)

Theserods have been on the scene for a while now and are still very popularon the carp angling scene. They have a medium action and fit manyanglers idea of the `all round` carping tool.

12 ft  2 3/4 LB                                 All prices on application for 2017
12 ft  3      LB - SU                         
12 ft  3 1/2 LB                                 
13 ft  3 LB                                        "                      "                   "
13 ft  3 1/2 LB                                                                 

Century NG  Spod Rod 

12 ft ( Casting Weight 6/8 oz  )    


                                                        * Also Available*   

                                                                                                                                  Armalite 42" Landing Net  

(Complete with 6ft Handle)